Things to Add:

  • 5-10 Minute Highlight Video
    A memorable wedding day of precious moments edited into a well produced 5-10 minute short film.  Produced with a custom soundtrack, its perfect for sharing on Facebook and YouTube.

    Getting ready sequence
    The lead up to the ceremony is one of the most exciting moments of the day. Getting hair done, makeup, guys in suits, dresses, the wedding party is all captured and set to music. Finished product is around 5 min.

    Additional videographer & camera
    Capturing the ceremony with one additional camera and videographer gives twice as many shots and angles. For larger weddings its recommended.

    LIVE Ceremony
    For those guests who can’t attend the ceremony Soulmates offers a LIVE video option where they can watch it LIVE online on the day of the event.

    Well Wishes
    Comments and well wishes from guests after the ceremony are always a favorite. It's a good opportunity for those who can only attend the ceremony to pass along nice message to the married couple on video. The comments can be a real highlight!

    Love Story Video
    Using photos of the couple, their relationship together is highlighted in a mini-movie. From the early stages of getting to know each other, the first vacation, when they knew they’d found the one... It can featured in the finished film as well as played during the reception with a projector.

    Reception Only Videography
    All reception events are covered including: Dinner and catering, decor and decorations, cake cutting, garter toss, speeches, comments from guests, first dance, dance floor antics. Final video is around 20-40 min in length and features full speeches.

    Video / Photo Projection
    Projection services and equipment are available for your reception to showcase things like: family photos, funny videos, home made sideshows and our Love Story Video's. It can also be used for LIVE video from the podium during speeches and for the first dance. Great for people who can't see very well at the back.

    Full Speeches Videography
    Complete speeches from every guest (no matter their length) are captured with 2 cameras for added reaction shots of the bride, groom and wedding party. It can be the most emotional moment of the day.

    X5 DVD Copies
    5 DVD copies complete with chapters and full colour, beautiful packaging. They make a great thank you gift and keepsake.

    X5 Thumb Drive HD Copies
    Not everyone has a DVD player anymore. Sharing your wedding film VIA portable hard drive (thumb drive) makes for a great gift for someone who helped with the wedding. They can be shown on any computer and newer TV’s.

    Expedited 1 Week Delivery
    We offer an expedited fast turnaround option having wedding films edited and delivered in 7 calendar days. No one wants to wait 6 months to have a project completed.

    Aerial Videography
    If you would like to get aerial shots of your wedding and location we now offer aerial videography services for key sequences throughout the day.

    Additional Videographer Time
    For weddings that run longer than expected additional time with the videographer is available.
        $100 (hourly)

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